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Lithium Silicate Lithium Silicate

Lithium Silicate

150.00 - 1000.00 INR/Kilograms

Product Details:


Lithium Silicate Price And Quantity

  • 100 Kilograms
  • 150.00 - 1000.00 INR/Kilograms

Lithium Silicate Trade Information

  • 500 Kilograms Per Day
  • 3 Days
  • Western Europe Middle East Africa Asia Australia Central America North America South America Eastern Europe
  • All India

Product Description

Liquid based Lithium Silicate is used as suitable anti corrosion coating for steel. This semi transparent or light yellow transparent liquid based chemical has maximum 15 viscosity at 25 degree C temperature. It is required to formulate coatings and paints meant for metal and concrete surfaces. Free from unpleasant smell, this chemical compound has around 11 ph level. It dilutes in water and alkali, but it does not dissolve in organic solvents. Due to its self drying attribute, this chemical tends to form a dry film after evaporation of its fluid based form. Created dry film does not dilute in water.

Lithium Silicate Applications:

1. Lithium-Ion Batteries: Lithium metasilicate, as well as other lithium silicates, has been investigated for use in lithium-ion batteries. They may be used in electrolytes or as components of the battery structure, contributing to improved performance and safety.

2. Refractories: Lithium silicates are used in the production of refractory materials, such as those used in high-temperature applications like furnaces and kilns. They can act as binders, helping to maintain the integrity of refractory materials under extreme heat.

3. Ceramics and Glass Industry: In the ceramic and glass industry, lithium silicates are utilized as components in glazes, coatings, and as additives to enhance certain properties of the final products. Their thermal stability is particularly valuable in these applications.

4. Fireproofing and Flame Retardants: Due to their ability to withstand high temperatures, lithium silicates are used in fireproofing materials and flame retardants. They can be added to coatings, paints, and other materials to improve fire resistance.

5. Corrosion Inhibition: Lithium silicates can serve as corrosion inhibitors, protecting metals and other materials from corrosion in harsh environments. They may be applied as coatings or included in formulations for protective layers.

6. Adhesives and Binders: The adhesive properties of lithium silicates make them suitable for use in adhesives and binders in various industries, including construction materials.

7. Protective Coatings: Lithium silicates are used in protective coatings for concrete and metal surfaces. These coatings can enhance durability and resistance to weathering and chemical exposure.

8. Water Treatment: In some water treatment applications, lithium silicates are used as additives to control water hardness and prevent scale formation in pipes and industrial equipment.

9. High-Temperature Sealants: Lithium silicates are employed as components in high-temperature sealants, providing a durable and heat-resistant solution for sealing joints and gaps.

Lithium Silicate FAQ:

Q. What is lithium silicate?

Ans: Lithium silicate refers to compounds containing lithium, silicon, and oxygen. One common type is lithium metasilicate (Li2SiO3).

Q. What are the key properties of lithium silicate?

Ans: Lithium silicates are insoluble in water, exhibit good thermal stability, act as binders and adhesives, are alkaline in nature, and have applications in fire resistance, ceramics, batteries, and more.

Q. In what industries is lithium silicate used?

Ans: Lithium silicates find applications in various industries, including batteries (lithium-ion), refractories, ceramics, glass, fireproofing, corrosion inhibition, adhesives, and protective coatings.

Q. How is lithium silicate used in lithium-ion batteries?

Ans: Lithium silicates can be used in lithium-ion batteries as part of the electrolyte or other components, contributing to improved battery performance and safety.

Q. What role does lithium silicate play in refractories?

Ans: Lithium silicates are used in refractories as binders, helping maintain the integrity of materials in high-temperature applications like furnaces and kilns.

Q. How does lithium silicate contribute to fire resistance?

Ans: Due to their thermal stability, lithium silicates are used in fireproofing materials and flame retardants. They can enhance the fire resistance of coatings, paints, and other materials.

Q. Are there any environmental or safety concerns with lithium silicate?

Ans: As with any chemical substance, it's important to handle lithium silicates according to safety guidelines. The environmental impact can vary, and proper disposal methods should be followed.

Q. Can lithium silicates be used in water treatment?

Ans: Yes, lithium silicates are used in water treatment to control water hardness and prevent scale formation in pipes and industrial equipment.

Q. What are some specialized applications of lithium silicate?

Ans: Lithium silicates may find applications in specialized areas, including nuclear engineering, where their unique properties can be advantageous.

Q. Is ongoing research being conducted on lithium silicates?

Ans: Yes, research is ongoing to explore new applications and improve the properties of lithium silicates as technology and industry needs evolve.
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