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About Us

We keep strict control over quality. In our three spacious manufacturing units which have per annum production capacity of around 6,000 MT of Potassium Silicate and 80,000 MT of Sodium Silicate, range is made with perfection. For attaining high customers satisfaction, our company works real hard. Timely completion of bulk orders, timely deliveries and high quality standards of products are some of the advantages, customers dealing with us will receive.

Our Group Of Companies

Below cited are some of our subsidiaries. 


Field of Business

Sunchem Industries

  • It is a sister concern of our company
  • Engaged in trading of industrial chemicals like Soda Ash, Caustic Soda Flakes.
  • It provides our company logistics support, especially for the south region.

Sunchem Industries-Trading Division

  • Distributor of Nirma Ltd. - Industrial Chemicals.
  • Engaged in trading of chemicals provided by Nirma Ltd. - Industrial Chemicals such as AOS, Acid Slurry, Soda Ash, Industrial Salt etc.

Sunchem Industries-Logistics Division

  • Sunchem Industries owns a fleet of 15 truck - tankers of different storage capacities.
  • It has contracts with reputed truck owners
  • Meets logistics requirements of our company. Deliver products of customers residing in south region.

GVRS Logistics- Logistics

  • To the plants located in Gujarat of our company, this sister concern offers complete logistics-support.
  • Owns fleet of 5 Tankers
  • Helps in doing delivery in the nearby areas of Gujarat.

We are a Manufacturer of Sodium Silicate, Potassium Silicate and Lithium Silicate. Further, we are also a Trader of Precipitated Silica, Sodium Meta Silicate and China Clay / Kaolin, Talc and etc.

The SCW Commitment

  • Do everything that it takes to render support to clients and fulfill their needs pertaining Silicate Products.
  • The area of specialization of SCW lies in developing best in the form of Sodium Silicate Glass, Sodium Silicate Liquid, etc., for customers that betters their industrial process, where aforementioned products finds apt use.
  • Huge experience of more than 50 years in silicate industry, helps us in serving nothing below the perfect to clients. 


In below mentioned three production units, range is processed with perfection in bulk quantity.

  • Sodium Silicate- 80,000 Metric Tonnes per year
  • Potassium Silicate- 6,000 Metric Tonnes per year

Plant Name


Capacity (in Metric Tonnes per year)

Unit I

Belgaum - Karnataka

21,000 MT

Unit II

Kanjari, Nr. Anand - Gujarat

20,000 MT

Unit III

Dhamatvan, Nr. Ahmedabad - Gujarat

45,000 MT

Focused Delivery

Association with reputed logistics companies aids us in doing swift deliveries.

Unique Selling Points

  • Working from long time, our company is highly trusted to source superior quality of Chemicals.
  • Our business entity makes use of modern machinery & equipment to formulate chemicals of high accuracy and effectiveness to enhance business of customers.
  • We deal into Titanium Dioxides,Welding Electrodes, Refractories, Construction Chemicals, Adhesives, Building Materials, Foundry & Foundry Chemicals, Mineral Processing Products, Textile Processing Products, Silica & Allied Chemicals.
  • We have a wide exporting networks that extends to countries like Mauritius, Kenya, S.A. Saudi Arabia, Newzealand, UAE, Oman, Jordon, US and much more.

Our Flagship Products: Sodium Silicate and Potassium Silicate

We provide quality-assured line of Sodium Silicate and Potassium Silicate products which are ranging from liquids of varied PH scales & Viscosity. We also provide Solid Glass Lumps. More than 50 years of experience in silicate industry, makes us perfect partners to clients.

Premium Silicates- Sodium / Potassium Silicate

At our company, Premium Sodium and Potassium Silicate are offered at best prices. We also prepare Lithium Silicate as per customers requirements.


Ethical work culture and high quality standards of products have earned us association of below mentioned some big companies:

  • Ador Welding
  • Western Refracast
  • KMNL
  • Gujarat Technocastings


Below listed are the applications where offered Sodium Silicate and Potassium Silicate found extensive uses:

Product Name


Function of Silicate

Recommended Silicate Grade



Coating Welding Rods


K-66, K-76



NTL 40

Enhances the strength of formed pellets

Helps in balling

Foundry Moulds & Core Binders


F-1, F-2, F-4, F-5

Helps in getting rid of fumes & provides high strength. Fast Set.



NTL 40

Improves cohesive & flow properties.


Pad-Batch Dyeing


T - 50

Reduced processing costs & abnormality of dye.

Peroxide Bleaching

Chemical Reaction

T - 50

Standard bleaching & preserve peroxide.

Petroleum Processing

Drilling Muds


NTL 30, NTL 40

Stabilizing well bore.

Pulp and Paper



T-50, NTL 30, NTL 40

Aids in ink removal. (White Pulp)

Peroxide Bleaching of Pulp

Buffering Action & Stabilizer

T-50, NTL 30, NTL 40

Consistent bleaching & Saves peroxide.

Adhesives for Laminating / Labeling


NTL 40, NTL C-40

Strong bonding & Efficient

Spiral Wound Tubes

Adhesive-Fast Set

F-3, NTL 40

Huge strength & Efficient.

Corrugated Paper, Wall Boards

Adhesive-Fast Set

NTL 40

High strength Board. Fire resistance.

Sealing Flap of Containers

Adhesive-Fast set

NTL 40

Economical & gives strong bond..

Detergent / Cleaning Compounds

Household Laundry Powders/ Cakes

Binder, Corrosion inhibitor

F-3, S-16, S-22, S-OG

Aids in process of spray-dried products. Gives. Corrosion protection

Soaps, Detergents & Industrial Cleaners

Wetting & Binding Agent

S-16, S-22, S-OG

Increases detergency, Firmness to soap.

Building Products / Construction

Acid - Proof Cements


NTL 40, K-66, K-76

Easy to use & Economical.

Refractory Cements


NTL 40, K-66, K-76

High strength & temperature resistance.

Hardening & Curing Concrete


NTL 40, NTL 30

Dust Proof & Longer Life.

Soil Solidification / Grouting

Gel Reaction

NTL 40, NTL 30

Economical binder.

Furnace & Stove Cements


NTL 40, NTL 30

Plastic - Heat Resistance.

Allied Chemicals

Manufacture of gels, catalyst & molecular sieves


NTL C- 40, NTL 40, NTL 30

Convenient Silica source.

Titanium Dioxide

Film Formation

NTL C-40

Acid Resistivity, Cut down Chalking.

Mineral Benefication

Deflocculating Clays

Dispersing Action

F-1, F-3, T-50

High fluid-power diminution in brick making.

Ore Floatation

Deflocculating Action

F-1, F-3, T-50

Improved Seperation.

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